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Gymnast IQ is dedicated to making an impact far beyond the floor, bars, beam, and vault, though our elite coaches excel in these areas. Our true purpose is aimed at equipping kids with confidence, self-worth, and inner belief to empower them for the rest of their lives. Large-scale impact happens one child at a time.

On Demand Training Library

Train at home with top coaches, including US National Team Coaches, as other National Team Coaches around the world. You can no practice anywhere, anytime.

1:1 Choreo & Jugding Evals 

We have Collaborated with Precision Choreo & My Gym Judge to include 3 free sessions per year. Choose between Judging/Deduction & Routine Upgrades/Chore Consultations

1:1 Private Coaching

Members Save 33% off when they book private coaching sessions with the sports most in demand instructors

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Pathways for all levels ages 3 & up 

Access a library of training content with  guided coach. Suitable for beginners to upper levels gymnasts.

Mental Performance Coaching

Personalized Tips from Top Gymnastics Choreographers.

Methodology that is mentally and physically healthy

Virtual 1 on 1 consultations with an experienced Judge.


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I can't recommend Gymnast IQ enough - it's been a game changer for us.

General Manager of Flip Time Gymnastics & Dance

Our daughter went from wanting to quit, to counting down to when her next practice is!


Gymnast lQ has exceeded our expectations in every way. A big thumbs up to the Gymnast lQ team!


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